We're frequently asked: What makes a good photographic print?
What constitutes a collectible photograph?

For starters, truly, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Our basic philosophy is: select what you enjoy. The attraction of photography, generally, is its immediately accessible quality; your ability to identify right away with it -- the subject, the mood, the moment, the humor, the composition. Why purchase something that is merely collectible, perhaps by a known name, if you don't derive some greater enjoyment from the art? Collecting merely for the sake of investment is counter-intuitive.

Secondarily, if you are already selecting from the work of artists you know are either masters of photography, known in their genre or you've been told by reputable sources are esteemed in their field, you are only bound to make a sound investment.

Our prints are made to the most exacting archival standards and include a range of subjects of strong visual composition and interest, as well as from subjects drawn from the news or those seen on the pages of news and travel magazines. Rare or vintage prints and prints from limited editions accrue in value sooner but signed, collectors prints that you enjoy viscerally have a value beyond what the photograph may cost.

How are the photographs printed?
Depending on the image, usually prints are made at the best digital photographic labs in New York. Images have been drum-scanned at high resolutions and are printed using the most archival digital processes currently available. These are never inkjet prints and employ different processes and papers than those available to photo enthusiasts at home.

How quickly can I receive my print?
Since our prints are only available signed by the artist, and in some instances editioned, delivery of prints to some extent is predicated upon the availability of the artist to sign the work. Depending on how quickly you need the print or if it is needed for an occasion, we can provide the print and have it returned for signing at a later date.

Why do some artists edition their work while others do not?
This varies widely and is a matter of personal perspective on the part of the artist in terms of how he or she wishes to have the works collected. Many younger artists today only edition their work, some in very small editions. While some of the great names in photography only sell what is termed open editions, preferring their images to be collected rather than envied from afar.

How are your prints priced?
Ultimately print sizes and corresponding prices will be placed next to photograph captions. Typically there are two or three sizes. In some instances, very large prints may be available; those are often editioned Please contact us for prices for the time being.